Working in collaboration with key stakeholders including the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, "reentry" in Baltimore will be coordinated to address a fundamental question -- in what condition do we want offenders, released from prison or jail, to return to their communities and families?

Efforts to improve outcomes for those making the inevitable transition must be evidence-based, cost-effective, and meaningful. An Advisory Council has been created to assist with the development of a comprehensive strategy to direct policy and assemble services in Baltimore's communities. The overall goals of these efforts are to:

  • facilitate a seamless transition of individuals from jail and prison to the community;
  • develop a mechanism to connect formerly incarcerated individuals to services designed to reduce recidivism;
  • leverage and coordinate resources to assist formerly incarcerated individuals with receiving marketable skills to compete for employment training and placement opportunities; and
  • support strategies to assist formerly incarcerated individuals with returning as responsible parents, supporting their children and families;

The Advisory Council will assist with related strategic planning, problem-solving and evaluation of progress toward goals.

Gold star icon Final Jail Re-entry Strategies Report


John Jay College Prisoner Reentry Institute
Urban Institute Justice Policy Center
Council of State Governments, Justice Center, Reentry Policy Council
National Reentry Resource Center