Totes for Head Start Tots

Posted on April 08, 2013 10:59
On Monday April 8 Baltimore City Head Start (BCHS) program staff and volunteers from across the city emerged to help unload a truck that contained the many boxes filled with summer reading tote bags that were packed the day before by students, graduates, faculty, staff and friends of Notre Dame of Maryland University (NDMU) for the 3,600 children enrolled in Baltimore City Head Start. 
The day before, Sunday, April 7, NDMU, in collaboration with the United Way of central Maryland (UWCM)– Read Learn Succeed, Baltimore City Head Start, and generous sponsorsfrom the Greater Baltimore community,  kicked off an exciting week with Notre Dame’s “Day of Service”, to commence the inauguration of the University’s 12th president, Dr. James Conneely.  More than 150 volunteers gathered to pack 3,600 summer reading tote bags with 13,000+ books for the all BCHS children ages, 0 - 5. 

The goal for this event is to promote childhood literacy by encouraging the children to read their new books with their families over the summer, ultimately helping to reduce summer learning slide. 

After delivery, the books were stored at each program and will be distributed to the children at the end of the school year as they depart for the summer.  Notre Dame Students will return on May 20 for a second day of service to read some of the books to the children and personally hand them their bags.

Below are some of the media coverage that this event generated:

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