Winter Shelter

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Tuesday, March 21 through Friday, March 24 at 11am


Winter Shelter Overview

The City, through the Mayor’s Office of Human Services, will begin seasonal sheltering one month earlier and at a higher temperature of 32F with wind chill as a part of the Winter Shelter Plan.  From October 15th to April 1st, at temperatures of 32F or below, 100+ seasonal beds will be available to shelter vulnerable individuals and families.

Additionally, for this winter season, the Health Department will declare “Code Blue” when temperatures with a wind chill reach 13F or below between November 15th and March 15th.  During this declaration, an additional 100+ shelter beds will then be available, bringing the total seasonal capacity to over 200 beds.  

A full list of year-round shelters can be found on the street outreach card or here.

Client Services

Households will have access to overnight shelter from 6 pm to 11 am the next morning.  Each person will be provided with dinner and breakfast, access to shower and laundry services, and transportation to/from the shelter.

Winter Shelter Notifications

Outreach workers, housing navigators, and emergency shelters will be notified no later than 3 pm each day the winter shelter plan is in effect and information will be posted for the general public on this page.

Accessing Winter Shelter Beds

On nights when the Winter Shelter plan is in effect, the Weinberg Housing Resource Center (WHRC) will serve as the access point for single adults and couples.  The Winter Shelter Coordinator at WHRC will coordinate shelter placements and transportation for adults to the participating adult shelters. Clients should arrive by 6 pm.  St. Vincent de Paul - Sarah’s Hope and Salvation Army - Booth House will be the winter shelter access points for families and will provide transportation assistance to families as needed.  Family spots will be limited – clients are encouraged to call ahead to ensure that space will be available.

Referral Contact Information

  • Winter Shelter Coordinator/Adult Sheltering – WHRC, 620 Fallsway – Walk-In, 410- 478-3777
  • Sarah’s Hope – 410-396-2204
  • Salvation Army – 410-685-8878