Community Reviewers

The Mayor’s Office of Human Services (MOHS) is committed to an equitable grants process, which incorporates community and, more specifically, youth voice!  In every request for proposal cycle, the office partners with community volunteers to review applications and funding proposals. Community reviewers are responsible for:

  1. Reading a group of applications
  2. Scoring each application using a standard rubric
  3. Letting MOHS know if you recommend or do not recommend that application for funding and why

MOHS is always looking for adult and youth who live in Baltimore City to serve on community review panels. If you are interested in being placed in our community reviewer please sign-up using this form. Completing the sign-up form will add you to our reviewer list and we will contact you about future opportunities to serve on a community review panel.

Reviewer stipends are available on a proposal by proposal basis.

Current Reviewers

In 2018, MOHS identified a group of community members to review applications for the Summer Funding Collaborative. See below for reviewer characteristics.

Chart data
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