Baltimore City Community Action Partnership offers programs listed below designed to move residents toward self sufficiency.

Housing and Energy

Low Income Water Assistance Program

The LIWAP is designed to assist Baltimore City households who have received a delinquent, turn-off, or tax sale notice due to being in arrears on a water bill. Eligible residents who pledge to make consistent payments on their unpaid and current balance will receive a grant of $161.00

Low Income Senior Citizen Water Discount Program

Homeowners and tenants (whose lease holds them responsible for paying the water bill), can apply each year for the discount if they are a Baltimore City resident age 65 or older with a combined gross household income must be $30,000 or less. 

Income Eligibility RequirementsOffice of Home Energy Programs (OHEP)

Maryland Energy Assistance Program provides subsidies to assist low-income residents with heating and cooling bills. Community Action works in Partnership with the Office of Home Energy Assistance to make energy costs more affordable and thus minimize heating crises. CAP works closely with the Maryland Energy Assistance Program (MEAP) and the Electric Universal Service Program (EUSP), which promote energy conservation, financial responsibility, and energy independence.

Renters/Homeowners Tax Application Assistance

The Renters' Tax Credit Program is a plan that provides property tax credits for renters who meet certain requirements. The plan was modeled after and designed to be similar in principle to the Homeowners' Tax Credit Program, which is known to many as the Circuit Breaker Program. The concept rests on the reasoning that renters indirectly pay property taxes as part of their rent and thus should have some protection, as do homeowners. The Homeowners Property Tax Program allows credits against the homeowner's property tax bill if the property taxes exceed a fixed percentage of the person's gross income. The program sets a limit on the amount of property taxes any homeowner must pay based upon his or her income.

Financial Empowerment

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Tax Preparation

In partnership with the Baltimore CASH Campaign, our tax program offers free tax preparation and counseling for taxpayers who qualify. This service is available to low to moderate income families who cannot afford to have them completed professionally. Assistance in applying to various tax credits, such as EITC, is also provided. Last year, CAP provided free tax preparation for 2,559 residents with an agency-wide return of $4,875,936.

Your Money, Your Goals

Your Money, Your Goals is a financial literacy program that administers a multi-layered program including Credit Education Workshops, Credit Report Acquisition and Review, and one-on-one Credit Counseling / Case Management. The program aims to help low-income individuals to achieve economic stability and financial self-sufficiency through a better understanding credit issues and through one-on-one counseling.

Financial Planning Day

This free event, in partnership with the US Conference of Mayors, the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, the Financial Planning Association, Foundation for Financial Planning, and other local partners, gives Baltimore residents an opportunity to speak one-on-one with professional financial planners and attend financial literacy workshops at no cost. Certified Financial Planners from across Maryland volunteer their time to provide this free service to residents.

Food & Nutrition

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Eat Healthy, Shop Smart Workshops

Eat Healthy, Shop Smart is a food and nutrition workshop which provides nutritional education and food resources to sustain a healthy lifestyle and budget. Participants attend workshops each week for six weeks on topics related to healthy living and nutrition. 

Holiday Programs

Throughout the year CAP collects donations of food and other items to provide for families during the holiday season. Families who are interested in receiving donations are asked to attend a series of workshops on financial literacy, nutrition, and other topics.

EarnBenefits Screening

Community Action utilizes a state of the art web-based tool, Seedco’s Earn Benefits, which streamlines benefit eligibility screenings, application assistance and data reporting for a range of services for low-income families. In Baltimore alone, EarnBenefits screens for 23 public and private benefit programs and has provided 16,020 benefits with an estimated value of $19,049,273 since the Fall of 2006. Clients are screened for programs such as Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP), HEAP, WIC, Medicaid, and Medicare.

Self Sufficiency Case Management

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The Community Action Partnership provides a multi-faceted approach to assist clients to become more self-sufficient. Upon intake, clients are assessed to determine what barriers exist that would interfere the economic stability of their household. After assessment, CAP staff utilize a variety of strategies—including employment assistance, training opportunities, tax preparation, and credit improvement—in order to increase the self-sufficiency of the household over time.

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